An Integrative Perspective​​

In our hyper-active, self promotional world we often lose track of who we really are. How many times have you bought into that juice cleanse your friends recommended, or the latest fitness trend everyone is into, and... nothing changed! Or maybe you felt worse than when you started.

Through my work, I help individuals to integrate different aspects of their lives, from health to work-life balance, sharing tools to help clients to find clarity, while harnessing energy with direction and purpose. All consultations are tailored to each client. When it comes to health and well being, one size definitely, does not fit all. In our uniquiness lies our power to connect the different aspects of our lives, to learn and grow. 

My approach springs from a synthesis between Eastern and Western techniques, from Ayurveda, to Spiritual Psychology; from the science of Yoga and Kundalini to Physics.